Women in the Maze Review 2023

Are you ready for an exciting adventure into the world of the supernatural? If you happen to be an expert in creepy atmospheres, haunted houses, and mysterious narratives, then you’re in for an absolute delight. In this review, we’ll take a deep dive into the fascinating and chilling film known as “Women in the Maze.” Helmed by the talented director Mitesh Kumar Patel, this horror-thriller has been generating quite a buzz, owing to its compelling storyline, outstanding performances, and an atmosphere that is bound to send shivers cascading down your spine.

What Is Woman in the Maze?

Women in the Maze

Woman in the Maze is a 2023 horror movie that revolves around a young woman, Gabbi Reynolds, played by the talented Meredith VanCuyk. Gabbi is sent to Arizona to investigate land in and around the ghost town of Jerome, working for a real estate company. Her mission leads her to rent a mansion in Jerome, a place notorious for being haunted. Unfazed by the mansion’s eerie reputation, Gabbi decides to stay there, driven by the prospect of advancing her career by providing valuable information about the area to her boss.

However, as soon as Gabbi steps into the mansion, strange and unexplainable events start to unfold. From mysterious occurrences in the basement to encounters with a disfigured face and a group of women in red hoods, the mansion seems to be hiding dark secrets. Is it all in Gabbi’s head, or is the house truly haunted and malevolent? As the movie progresses, Gabbi, and the audience, will unravel the mysteries behind the mansion and the true history that lies within.

The Atmosphere of Dread

One of the standout features of Woman in the Maze is its ability to create an atmosphere of dread. Even before the supernatural events begin, the mansion radiates an eerie feeling that adds to the overall tension. It’s a place that, from the moment you see it, you’ll wonder why anyone would willingly stay there. The movie takes place in Jerome, Arizona, a real ghost town, which should have added to the creepiness factor. However, even if you didn’t know that before watching, the movie still manages to send chills down your spine.

The Performances

The success of any movie heavily depends on the performances of its cast, and Woman in the Maze does not disappoint. Meredith VanCuyk shines as Gabbi Reynolds, portraying her as a smart, resourceful, and ambitious woman who faces the unexplainable with determination. She’s a character you’ll immediately like and root for, particularly as she navigates the weird occurrences in the mansion. VanCuyk’s performance stands out and hints at a promising career in the film industry.

Joey Heyworth, who plays Owen Bannister, Gabbi’s local contact in Jerome, delivers a notable performance. Bannister, though initially seeming somewhat goofy and possibly even creepy, is played with depth by Heyworth. He’s a character you can’t help but like, and his presence keeps you guessing about his true intentions. It’s this element of mystery that adds to the suspense in the film.

Missy Jane, who portrays Sheriff Jessica Cooper, plays a significant role in the movie’s climax. While her character doesn’t appear from the beginning, Jane does a commendable job with the role she’s given. The absence of local authorities’ involvement, given the small town setting, may raise some questions, but Jane’s performance in the latter part of the film ties up important loose ends.

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A House with a Mind of Its Own

The mansion in Woman in the Maze becomes a character in itself. It exudes an eerie atmosphere that intensifies as the supernatural events unfold. What’s remarkable is that even before these events, the house already feels like a place you shouldn’t be. It’s a testament to the film’s ability to create an unsettling ambiance.

Unpredictable Events

The movie is filled with wild CGI special effects that, in a different context, might have aroused laughter. The suddenly alive house takes the audience by surprise and adds to the overall mysterious atmosphere. In the mansion, anything can happen, and even when you think you’ve figured it out, the house throws unexpected twists your way. This unpredictability keeps you engaged and on the edge of your seat.

The Soundtrack Sets the Tone

The film’s opening title sequence and the accompanying music create a misleading impression of an uplifting, life-affirming movie. It presents a character enjoying life and striving for happiness. However, when the character arrives at the mansion, the mood shifts drastically. The uplifting music comes to a halt, and an unsettling sense of dread takes over. It’s a clever way to set the stage for the eerie events that follow.

Release Dates

Woman in the Maze hit theaters on October 6, 2023, and available on digital platforms on October 12, 2023. If you’re a horror movie fan, you should definitely check this one out.


If you find yourself craving a truly eerie and unpredictably spooky horror flick, “Women in the Maze” is an absolute must-see. With its mesmerizing performances, bone-chilling ambiance, and a haunted house that’s sure to give you goosebumps, this movie delivers an unforgettable and suspenseful cinematic experience. Prepare to dive headfirst into a realm of the supernatural, where nothing is as straightforward as it appears, and enigmas lurk around every corner.


Q. Is Woman in the Maze a supernatural horror movie?

A. Yes, Woman in the Maze is a supernatural horror film that revolves around a young woman who rents a haunted mansion and experiences unexplainable and terrifying events.

Q. Who are the lead actors in Woman in the Maze?

A. Meredith VanCuyk plays the lead role of Gabbi Reynolds, and Joey Heyworth portrays Owen Bannister, Gabbi’s local contact in the film.

Q. What is the atmosphere like in the movie Woman in the Maze?

A. The movie creates an eerie and unsettling atmosphere, with the mansion itself contributing to the overall sense of dread even before the supernatural events begin.

Q. Is the house in Woman in the Maze a significant element of the film?

A. Absolutely. The mansion in the movie becomes a character in its own right, exuding an unsettling ambiance that adds to the suspense.

Q. What makes Woman in the Maze different from other haunted house movies?

A. The film’s ability to keep the audience guessing and its unpredictable supernatural events set it apart. The house’s unexpected actions and the mystery surrounding the characters add unique elements to the story.

Q. When was Woman in the Maze released?

The movie was released in select theaters on October 6, 2023, and became available on digital platforms on October 12, 2023.

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