Soulmate Affirmations: Manifesting True Love & Attracting Your Life Partner



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(as of Nov 03, 2023 16:43:24 UTC – Details)

Affirmations are a way of managing your thoughts so that you can manifest positive outcomes in your life. They help you to reprogram your thoughts and beliefs so that your subconscious mind can release what you want. 

This is a meditation book that contains affirmations, describing the qualities you wish for in a partner and why they’re positive attributes to have in your life. It also helps you understand the signs of soul mates, such as synchronicity, telepathy, and an electric spark when two people meet. 

It’s easy to see how affirmations can improve your life by helping make dreams come true or by bringing about personal changes in your lives. It’s important not only to think positively but also believe with certainty – believing it will make a change in yourself is essential in manifesting positive outcomes.


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