Exploding Kittens Happy Salmon Family-Friendly Party – Card Games for Adults, Teens & Kids



Price: $12.99
(as of Nov 02, 2023 20:14:27 UTC – Details)

Happy Salmon: The Ultimate Party Battle! Get ready to be the center of attention with this uproarious game. Gather three to eight players and unleash the wild frenzy as you compete to move faster, shout louder, and outwit your opponents in this exhilarating 90-second free-for-all. Brace yourself for an endorphin-packed adventure that will have you laughing, sweating, and celebrating like never before. Happy Salmon is the epitome of excitement, a thrilling experience that surpasses any game you’ve ever tried. It’s a guaranteed blast, leaving you craving for more fun-filled moments!
Game Haters? Not Anymore! Join the Fun-Filled Party! Date Nights, Family Fiesta, and Summer Magic! Quick to Learn, Addictive to Play! Perfect for 3-8 Players.
Roaring Fun for Everyone! Purrfectly Entertaining Game! Collectibles, Memory Boosting, and Animal Antics! Laugh, Bond, and Compete! Ideal for Family Gatherings and Social Events!
Epic Summer Entertainment Extravaganza! Beach Bonanza, Campfire Adventures, and Road Trip Thrills! Office Parties and Spooky Halloween Fun! Perfect for Couples and Social Fun Enthusiasts!
Forge Unbreakable Bonds! Fun-Filled Adventures for All! Beachside Bonding, Camping Connections, and Social Skill Boosting! Team up for Laughter and Memorable Moments! Ideal for Large Groups.


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