aQuooky Baby Blanket Sack with Arms Free Design,Transition to Arms Free Wearable for Newborn Girl and Boy, Small 0-3Months,Grey Color



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aQuooky Swaddle

Natural Sleep Position

300-400-2 暗300-400-2 暗

Arms-Free Transition Bag

350*175 细节图-1350*175 细节图-1 Comfortable Fabric

Our Swaddle is a stretchy blend of Cotton and Elastane designed to be snug and cozy around their torso and arms, thereby calm the startle reflex, allow a long restful night’s.

Transition from Swaddling to Arms-Free with Transition Bag

When your baby begins to roll over, it’s time to transition to Arms-Free. Open one wing that one arm is free and the other remains swaddled.

·Arms-Free design allows older babies to push up or reposition when they roll over.

·Lengthened and widened designed, plenty of room for baby to move their legs and hips..

·Single layer breathable fabric to reduce sultry troubles.

·The arms up position reduces the risk of rolling over.

·The dual zipper makes diaper changing a breeze and eliminates the need to remove the swaddle.

·The zipper design replaced noisy Velcro or some snaps.





Double Button Design

The first four months is the ideal time to help your baby learn to settle back to sleep without your help. When your baby learns to ‘Self-Soothe’ you can look forward to longer uninterrupted sleep at night. Double button design can open or close at any time. it won’t disturb your baby and don’t worry about the blanket being kicked away.

Add-Extension Pad & Double Zipper Design

We have double extension pad design to protect the baby’s skin. don’t worry scratching the baby skin when you replacing the diaper.

Help Baby Sleep

Studies show the swaddling can calms the startle reflex to lets baby sleep better and longer.

Natural Sleep Position

Baby’s natural sleep position is arms up.The swaddle lets your baby sleep in her preferred natural position with her arms up.


Our Swaddle is You’ve Been Looking for!

Are you tired of your baby waking up every time they startle in their sleep? Do you worry about their hips and legs being constricted in traditional swaddle blankets? Our swaddle is the solution you’ve been looking for!



Don’t settle for a traditional swaddle that doesn’t meet the needs of your growing baby. Try our swaddle today and give your baby the comfort and freedom they need to sleep soundly. Now experience the difference for yourself!



Size Range
Small(0-3 Month) Small(0-3 Month) Medium(3-6 Month) Medium(3-6 Month) Large(6-9 Month)

23.6 Inch 23.6 Inch 26.4 Inch 26.4 Inch 29.5 Inch

2-way Zipper

Calms the startle reflex by imitating the secure and familiar feeling of the womb with high quality 95% cotton and 5% elastane material !
Allows freedom of movement through our comfortable an roomy design compared to other swaddles which can be too tight and restrict your babies movement. its lengthened and widened design allows for healthy growth and movement of your baby’s hips and legs.
Protects the delicate body of your precious little BABY and conveniently allows you to change your little one’s diaper and apply body lotion without removing the swaddle or wake them up! This is through our intelligent and SILENT DOUBLE ZIPPER DESIGN!
Helps your baby sleep longer and prevent SURPRISE WAKE-UPS by allowing them to self-soothe if you choose to keep the wings open! It also allows them to FREELY MOVE AND ROLL AROUND if you choose to keep the wings closed.
But that’s not all – our swaddle also features unique wing mitten cuffs that allow for self-soothing and protect against the startle reflex. This means that your baby will sleep longer and more comfortably, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


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