Mistake Movie: Release Date, Cast and Crew Members, Review

Mistake is a Telugu Drama film that was released in India on August 4, 2023. It is directed by Bharath Komalapati and also received U/A certification from the Central Board of Film Certification. The movie Mistake is produced by Abhinav Sardhar. Don’t you want to know why the movie is titled Mistake? We will give you some insights in this article. We will look into the Mistake movie release date, its cast, story, and the review. 

Mistake Movie Release Date

This movie has been licensed by an OTT platform thanks to a digital rights agreement. As a result, we can soon see the Mistake Movie on an OTT platform. The official release date of the Mistake movie is August 4, 2023, as of this writing. As soon as we receive official confirmation, we’ll let you know. While you wait, stay in touch with us.

The Cast and Crew Members of Mistake Movie

Mistake movie features an amazing cast that brings the character to life. Ajay Katurwar as Agastya, a hairstylist who fell in love with ACP’s daughter Mitra portrayed by Priya. Sujith Kumar is Dev, the Hindu priest who falls in love with Parvati, portrayed by Nayan Sarika. Teja Ainampudi as Karthik, who falls for Sweety, is portrayed by Tania Karla. Abhinav Sardar takes on the role of Rowdy, who then becomes the antagonist of the story. The cast also includes Raja Ravindra and Sameer, who have respective roles in the movie.

The production team includes Bharrath Komalapati, who is both writer and director of the movie Mistake. Mani Zenna is the composer of the movie’s songs. Jasthi Hari is the cinematographer of the movie. Vijay Mukthavarapu is the editor and Sriharsha Manda is the dialogue writer of the movie. Nidhi serves as the executive producer and Abhinav Sardhar is the producer of the movie.

Story of Mistake Movie

The story of the movie Mistake revolves around three couples: Agastya and Mitra, Dev and Parvati, and Karthik and Sweety. They plan to escape from the forest. However, their journey takes an unexpected turn when they meet a dangerous rowdy, Abhinav Sardar, leading to a series of mysterious events. The story then goes forward into the character’s relationships, their weaknesses, and the challenges they face in the forest. The movie also explores the consequences of each character’s mistake that results in unexpected twists and turns. As secrets unfold, the movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seat and makes them wonder about what is going to happen next.

Review of Mistake Movie

“Mistake” takes the audience on an emotional roller-coaster, embarking on an unexpected forest adventure with three friends – Agastya, Dev, and Karthik, accompanied by their significant others. Seeking an escape from city chaos, their peaceful forest getaway turns chilling when a terrifying rowdy interrupts their journey. The forest becomes the backdrop for life-altering, spine-tingling events. It is skillfully crafted by director Bharat Kommalapat. The film’s central theme revolves around the consequences of one’s actions can make a great impact. movie also explores love, friendship, and loyalty through the relationships of the three couples. 

The film boasts a talented cast that gives life to their respective characters. Bharrat Kommalpati mixes elements of romance, suspense, and humor. The forest setting enhances a mysterious atmosphere, which is captured by cinematographer Hari Jasti. Praveen Mani’s music adds depth to the film. Editor Vijay Muktavarapu maintains the film’s pace, which ensures a smooth flow and effective storytelling.

The dialogue in the movie is funny and engaging, which reflects the personalities of the characters. There are some bold dialogues, which may not be suitable for family audiences. The movie maintains a steady pace for the first half, but the second half could have been better by editing to maintain the suspenseful momentum.


The movie Mistake seems like it was not easy to make. It had its own challenges because of comprehensive outdoor shoots. The production team did an excellent job in terms of filmmaking and execution. With this, we hope we have given you much insight about the movie Mistake. It is a thrilling one, so the audiences are going to love it for its suspenseful storylines. The movie Mistake was released on the 4th of August, 2023. so why are you still waiting? you got the story, you got the review, you got an amazing cast, then go and watch it.

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Q. What is the theme of the movie Mistake?

A. The theme of the movie Mistake is that the consequences of one’s action can impact one’s life be it a small choice.

Q. Who are the characters of the movie Mistake?

A. The main characters of the movie are Agastya, Dev, Karthik, Mitra, Parvati, and Sweety. 

Q. Who is the director of the movie Mistake?

A. Mistake is directed by Bharrat Kommalapati.

Q. When is the Mistake movie release date?

A. Mistake movie was released on 4th August 2023.

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