Elemental Movie Review: A Cinematic Journey

The animation company Pixar, which created Finding Nemo and Toy Story, recently suffered a severe blow to its reputation. Though physically appealing, their films no longer possess that unique spark. Their most recent release is Elemental. Reviews of it are conflicting. In this Elemental movie review, we’ll examine the plot, the lessons it imparts, the visual appeal, and whether it’s entertaining.

What is the Story of “Elemental”?

Elemental Movie

“Elemental” follows the journey of Bernie and Cinder Lumen, who are beings made of fire – let’s call them fire elements. They face discrimination when they immigrate to Element City, a vast metropolis where water elements dominate as the elite. Fire elements, like the Lumens, can only live in their quarters.

The Lumens opened a convenience store, “The Fireplace,” to preserve their heritage. They want their daughter, Ember, to inherit the store one day. Ember has a temper that needs controlling. Her father can’t let her run the business until she calms down.

One day, Ember’s bad temper causes a flood in the basement of the store. The flood brings Wade Ripple, city inspector and water element, to the scene. To save their store, Ember and Wade must team up to find and seal a leak in the city’s plumbing. Along their journey, despite the clash between their fiery and watery essences, they become close.

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A Purposeful Story for the Immigrant Experience

Elemental gives a very direct message. It shows what the immigrants experience in another country, especially in the US and UK. The film shows the Lumens migrating to Element City. There, they experience discrimination, cultural sensitivity, and understanding.

In one of its scenes, the person who welcomes the Lumens refuses to accept their name. Instead, he made one, that is suitable for the element city. The character Wade finds Lumens’ food too spicy. He needed water to make it more palatable.

Wade’s family points out that EMber speaks their language well. This surprised Ember because she was born in the city and it is her native language. The movie has many scenes where it shows cultural sensitivity and how hard is to fit in.

Elemental narrates morals through Wade’s character that being nice and open-minded is important.

Elemental Movie Review breathtaking Visuals

The movie Elemental has amazing and breathtaking visuals. The way Pixar pays attention to every tiny detail is extraordinary. The way they create each scene shows us that Pixar always does a great job.

The movie’s artistic scenes will make you feel like beautiful dreams that make you feel amazing when you wake up. The fire elements flicker and dance, visually making the air around them look warm and nice. The water elements glisten and ripple with every movement creating a mesmerizing show that takes you to another world.

The 3D version will not give any enhanced visual, so go for the 2D one to see the amazing art better.

Is Elemental Movie worth watching?

Now comes the big question: is it good to invest your time in watching Elemental? The answer is a bit of mixed opinion.

  • Visually engaging: Elemental movies are amazing with their visuals. If you are a fan of stunning animation and breathtaking visuals, this movie won’t disappoint you. It is a treat for the eyes and you will get lost in the beauty of its world.
  • Symbolic message: The movie narrates what it is like for immigrants and why it is important to be kind and understanding to them. It is the most valuable message one can offer for our times.
  • Predictable plot: The downside is the movie’s plot is somewhat predictable. It follows the same usual Pixar patterns and storyline, so you know where the story goes. If you are looking for surprises and mystery revelations, you might be disappointed.


So here we are towards the end of the Elemental movie review. In short, Elemental is a perfectly okay movie. It has stunning visuals and delivers a symbolic message about the immigrants’ experience. However, the storyline plays safe and sticks to the same imitative approach, which will leave you wanting more.

If you are a die-hard Pixar movie fan or simply love animation movie, it is worth watching. If you are looking for unexpected twists and turns like the past Pixar experiences like Finding Nemo or Coco, you might be disappointed with Elemental.

If you want to see a movie that has a meaningful message, looks stunning and you are okay with the story being predictable, then surely check out Elemental. We hope this article provided you with information related to the Elemental movie review. Stay tuned for more movie review updates. Till then watch the Elemental movie and share your experience with your family and friends.


Q. What is the message Elemental Movie conveys?

A. The Elemental movie conveys messages related to the experiences faced by the immigrants.

Q. Is Elemental movie suitable for children?

A. Elemental contains themes related to immigrants’ experiences. It is a family movie.

Q. How does Elemental Movie compare to other Pixar films?

A. The Elemental movie is somewhat predictable, following the same patterns and storylines.

Q. Is an Elemental movie worth watching?

A. If you are a fan of Pixar movies or simply enjoy animated movies, then Elemental is worth watching.

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